Nick Enfield | The Cambridge Handbook of Linguistic Anthropology (2014)
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The Cambridge Handbook of Linguistic Anthropology

Publisher: Cambridge University Press (2014), Cambridge
N. J. Enfield


The field of linguistic anthropology looks at human uniqueness and diversity through the lens of language, our species’ special combination of art and instinct. Human language both shapes, and is shaped by, our minds, societies, and cultural worlds. This state-of-the-field survey covers a wide range of topics, approaches and theories, such as the nature and function of language systems, the relationship between language and social interaction, and the place of language in the social life of communities. Promoting a broad vision of the subject, spanning a range of disciplines from linguistics to biology, from psychology to sociology and philosophy, this authoritative handbook is an essential reference guide for students and researchers working on language and culture across the social sciences.

  • Clearly written and accessible, main and part introductions provide readers with an overview of the contents
  • Provides an in-depth presentation of key concepts, claims and controversies
  • Brings together leading scholars from anthropology, linguistics and other disciplines, and presents a broad interdisciplinary vision of linguistic anthropology

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